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Doors hood of Cliner offer

  • Increased durability and reliability of equipamentos.portahoodportahood
  • Sprinkler through the sealing assembly and the inerting system
  • Attenuation operating noise of the machines to acceptable levels
  • On doors , panels and ceilings are used acoustic material term of glass wool coated with glass fiber veil and perforated stainless steel sheets
  • Seal with silicone rubbers
  • Latches and hinges made ​​of injected polyurethane, extending the life of the marine environment in parts
  • Custom Dimensional according to the customer’s need
  • Specialized team for disassembly and assembly of equipment
  • Laminated glass displays / wired for inspection inside the cocoons
  • System anti internal panic for emergency situations
  • Ease of assembly / disassembly Durantes interventions in the machine
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