Since 1994, CLINER has always stood out for being a company recognized in the market for its reputation and seriousness. Being this type of company means that CLINER has a responsibility as an organization towards its customers, employees, suppliers and the public. This responsibility involves not only carrying out its activities reliably, but also complying with current laws, besides respecting ethical values.
Thus, CLINER expects this same conduct from its commercial and professional partners, as well as its direct employees, observing the following basic principles:




CLINER is committed to not using child labor in any of its activities, under the terms of Section XXXIII of Article 7 of the Federal Constitution, nor to using slave labor, as well as requiring that said measure be adopted in contracts signed or by issuing a written declaration, whenever requested, that its Customers, Suppliers and Service Providers, under penalty of termination of the contract or denunciation to legal authorities.




CLINER repudiates any type of discrimination based on nationality or ethnic origin, race, sex, religion, ideology, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other legally protected characteristics, unless otherwise required by law.




CLINER seeks to maintain and comply with environmental protection actions, following industry standards and guidelines related to the environment and sustainability. It also uses natural resources rationally, minimizing impacts on the environment.




CLINER repudiates unpredictable, unfair and illegal attitudes and conduct from its suppliers, customers and employees. At the signal of any unlawful act, CLINER will take the appropriate legal measures, such as termination of contract and dismissal for just cause or calling the responsible bodies through a complaint and / or legal process. In relation to its activities, operations, services and supplies, CLINER commits to its employees, subcontractors, suppliers and customers not to offer, grant or accept any bribes, kickbacks, donations or other payments or unacceptable benefits to customers, suppliers, public agents, political parties, national or foreign government authorities or other third parties. CLINER, through this portal and the Employee Manual, found the most
effective way to disseminate the company’s Ethical Conduct and, thus, collaborate so that commercial and professional relations are increasingly transparent and fair for all.